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Breaking News - Counterfeit Factory Busted!

Author: VOZOL
date: 2023-09-07
heat: 2175

Choose Authenticity, Trust VOZOL

Dear Valued B2B Customers,

We are delighted to share with you a major breakthrough in our ongoing efforts to combat counterfeiting. The authorities in Dongguan, Shijie Town, have successfully identified and seized a counterfeit manufacturing facility that was producing fake VOZOL electronic cigarettes.

At VOZOL, we take the issue of counterfeiting very seriously. It not only harms our brand reputation but also poses potential risks to consumers like you. We have always strived to provide you with the highest quality and safest products.

With this recent bust, we urge all our B2B customers to be cautious and vigilant while purchasing VOZOL products. Always insist on genuine VOZOL products to ensure the best vaping experience and your safety.

Remember, the only way to guarantee authenticity is to buy directly from our authorized distributors.

Your trust is our greatest asset. We appreciate your continued support, and together, we will make a difference in the fight against counterfeiting.

Choose Authenticity, Trust VOZOL.

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