WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vozol Telegram Activity - Creator Motivation Activity

date: 2023-12-01
heat: 425


It has been two months since we opened the official Telegram channel, and we have decided to find a few Vozol e-cigarette enthusiasts. We will occasionally receive new products for your reference and express your honest opinions on the new products to us!

Please provide your feedback on Vozol products in the comments section, and we will select three "Vozol Product Experience Officers" based on your feedback.

VOZOL organizes Contests : 

Write the name of the flavor you think will be included in the new line .

Flavor = 1 comment.

The number of comments is unlimited.

The first 20 guys who guess at least 1 new flavor.

1 place 5 people - 5 pcs of disposable devices VOZOL GEAR 10000 *5. 

2nd place 5 people - 1 piece VOZOL GEAR 10000 + sweatshirt *1. 

3rd place 10 people - 2 pcs of disposable devices VOZOL GEAR 10000.

Quiz rules :

1. Subscribe to our channel -Channel

 (https://t.me/vozolrussia)2. Subscribe to OUR CHAT - Chat (https://t.me/+gzo8SygQWJExZDMy) 


All conditions will be checked, it is important to fulfill them 18+, only RF 

Results on 25.08 at 18:00(MSK)

Good luck !

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