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First Dual Flavors Disposable Pod launched on Aug 13th, 2019

Disposable pod is a new vaping category for vape hardware, which prefilled E-liquid and featured by a draw-activated firing mechanism. Disposable pod is ready-to-use, thus offers a easiest way for smokers to switch to vaping.


After 4 months of research and thousands of tests, VOZOL D2 disposable pod finally launched today! It is featured with 2 liquid containers design, which can be filled with 2 different flavors liquid at the same time. For the pricing, it’s only the price of one single flavor disposable pod in the market. So it solves the problems of hoping to try more flavors and costing too much to buy different flavors of disposable pods. Dual flavor design is a big breakthrough in vape market.


“One device, two flavors” is the designing concept for D2 disposable pod. At present, VOZOL launched four flavors combinations, including:

The classic: Refreshing Mint + American Tobacco

Iced Summer: Cool Melon + Iced Mango

Merry Berries: Blueberry Bomb + Sweet Strawberry

Yummy Blast: Vanilla Cream + Iced Latte



As a responsible company, VOZOL is committed to providing healthier and innovative solutions to promote the life quality of adult smokers around the world. We hope our new design can bring a better vaping experience for all smokers.


Click here to know more about VOZOL D2 disposable pod.